New To Computing and IT

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I've decided to pursue a career in computing and IT. So I've applied for a part time degree course in this subject area, which will take place soon.

I've had various low-skilled jobs in the past, so I'm also looking for a better career in the IT field. Since I have no experience, I was going to take some IT certifications. There are so many certifications that I'm not sure which one to take. I think CompTIA A+ will be a good start.

Are there any other certifications I should take? I was thinking of taking Microsoft certifications too. The ideal job role I'm looking for is an IT Technician or a IT support role.

I'm also dyslexic, which I've only found out recently this year. I'm not sure how that will affect my ability to complete the course and perform on the job.

Finally, I want to know how hard is it to get a career in IT? I'm based in the UK. My experience is that all jobs are hard to get. -_-;;


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