From Provisional to Confirmed?

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How long have you been waiting to have the "official" message return from ISC2 that your provisional CISSP exam pass and endorsement has deemed you fit to wear the new badge of CISSP?

I've just hit the 3 week mark after my endorsement was submitted. I can't fire up the presses yet on the resume refresh until I get that official word back from ISC2!! So anxious! I feel like a 6yo on Christmas Eve except I have no idea when Christmas day is coming!


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    There is a thread open for people to track their times. Mine was a little over a month for total processing after my Endorsement was submitted.
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    I understand completely how you feel as that is how I felt as well. I received my confirmation it's official exactly four weeks after my endorsement was submitted. Now I'm waiting on seeing my official certificate show up in the mail (going to frame it!). Fingers crossed you'll receive yours soon and congrats!
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