Lab kit advise please help

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Hi all,

I need an advice on deciding which lab kit I can use for 200-105 ICND2 and possibly later on for Security as well.

These are the 2 lab kits I am looking at:

Any input or experience with these 2 lab kit will be appreciated.


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    I have not looked into kits in a long time so I don't have a specific comment. What I will say is that there is a bit of fun and a learning curve to buying one piece at a time. When I started I ordered a small two router two switch lab kit and then added parts.

    Please keep in mind that you can pass the CCNA exam just using simulations. Setting up a lab gives you a little more real world experience. There is a lot more troubleshooting in a home lab. The theory is easier to test out in simulators.

    Good Luck!
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    1 overpriced
    2 buy local, at least canadian. it costs to ship across the border. it costs to have it shipped.
    3 the routers could be ok. But, your being tested on the ios. They don't tell you what the feature set is or if they even have enough memory to do so efficiently.
    4 2950's are ok. but your better off getting 2960's shouldn't be that much more expensive. don't tell you the version of the ios. 2950's stopped at 12.1 to give you an idea of how old they are.
    5 3550 is too old to use. it can't do ssh. how does that work in a security lab? if your not buying it for poe, it is garbage.
    6 don't need more than 3 routers and two switches to study for the ccna. when you feel like you need more, buy more.
    7 you'll need an asa to study for the ccna:security
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