Just Passed N10-006 Today - Here's how I did it.

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Okay, so I passed w/ a 768 which is equivalent to an 85/100.

Time constraint/time management was the biggest problem for me. I don't think 90 minutes is enough.

1st Attempt:

The first time i took this test I failed b/c i spent way too much time on one question and when I looked up to check the time i had about 30 minutes left w/ only 12/85 questions completed. I rushed through the remaining questions finishing w/ about 15 questions unanswered and no time to review flagged questions.

2nd Attempt:

I wasted no time AT ALL dwelling ON ANY of the questions, flagging them for later and especially passing on any tough questions immediately. I was able to get through to 84/85 questions having had no time at all to go back and review about 10 questions i flagged for later w/ some having been left unanswered.


The 90 minute time constraint is stupid and made so you fail on lack of time so you repay and retake. I feel like I could've totally nailed at least 5 more questions had I had more time the second time but am happy w/ my 768/900. It's designed so you're rushed through the test especially since there is at least 40 questions that are a short multi-part paragraph long. I used [FONT=&quot]Mike Meyers’ CompTIA Network+ Certification Passport for primary source, [/FONT]Professer Messer videos as a secondary, as well as Google and YouTube.

Waste no time AT ALL dwelling ON ANY of the questions, flag them for later and pass on any tough questions immediately. There are about 5 questions designed to eat up your time so you repay and retake. If you pass on all the tough questions, the rest of the test is easy peasy.
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