Network + Passed N10-007 - 776

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Passed with a first cert

The Test was definitely difficult, but can be passed. I studied about 5-10 hours ish a week for 2 months. I watched all of the Professor Messer videos on youtube. I purchased the Exam Cram N10-007 book from amazon. There wasn't many books to chose from back in March since this is a new exam, it comes with practice test via software download. The actual test felt harder then the practice test. Once completing those I booked my exam for 2 weeks out then went over all of the Exam objectives very thoroughly to brush up on areas I felt like i was lacking. BOOK THE EXAM it motivates you to study the last little bit. You can't pass it if you don't take it.

I was surprised by the hand full of the company policy and documentation questions. The troubleshooting questions seemed to stump me as well. I think it was the way they were worded. The also seemed to like to throw in acronyms that actually are fake. lots of "BEST" answer questions.

I used all my time up on the exam so I didn't get a chance to go through all of my 10ish flagged questions. I skipped the 2 performance based questions and came back to them later after finishing the other questions (I think i spent 7ish minutes going through them)

I was very nervous at first then calmed down after answering a few questions with confidence. background before the test. AAS in computer information technology(ccna course) 4 years ago. 3 years help desk. recently hired/promoted as a second network admin. Now onto JNCIA-Junos

Best of luck on your Exam.
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