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Hi! My name is Ethan. I've worked in a computer repair shop for 2 years. I've just started college and just finished my first semester. I took HTML and Microsoft Word as my two IT related courses. I was wondering with my level of experience would the A+ Certification be a challenge? I need to get it to further myself and put more things on my resume, however I'm not sure I have the time. I go to school and work part time repairing computers (like previously mentioned). Would I have time to get my A+ Certification in a reasonable time period? Thanks!


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    I think it will depend. Everyone is different and retains/learns in different ways. I've been in the IT field for years myself, i studied for 5 months for my 220-901 and just barely passed (I get severe test anxiety by the way). I tend to overly study though as i really want to know the material and i don't want to have to take a test again lol.

    If you are going for your A+ my advice would be get several resources to study from. A book, online videos, Professor Messer study guide (there are tons of resources online and practice tests as well) and review the CompTIA A+ objectives. When you feel you are comfortable and competent on the objectives...schedule the test.

    Good luck!
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    Does A+ cert counts towards credits in your college degree? If yes, then you should go for A+. If not, you may prepare for A+ at your convenience. Having A+ in resume improves the chances of getting a job. Since you already have experience in computer repair, it shouldn't be too difficult to prepare for A+ while you study in the college.
    You may try some free questions that are available in techexams.net to see if A+ is for you! There are some free A+ apps also available, which you may try. Good luck!
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