Passed eJPT

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Hey Guys:

Just submitted my exam for the eJPT and I passed! :)

My question is to anyone who purchased the Elite package for PTSv3, it says it comes with a physical certificate (not digital) on the high quality paper. Did they email you after passing with address info or do they just ship it out without any communication and just use the address they have on file? Thanks. If anyone has questions about the eJPT exam (no exam specific answers) I will provide any insight I can. Thanks!


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    Congrats kMastaFlash! icon_cheers.gif

    I do have a question, but it's more related to the lab. I'm trying to check for the Hera Lab requirements (more of infrastructure and/or application requirements from the user/student end such as OpenVPN, installing Kali, minimum internet speed, among others), but I can't seem to find it (or I haven't searched enough?).

    I haven't enrolled in the course just yet, but I would like to prepare before doing so.
    Three year plan: (2018) CISSP [X] and eJPT [ ]; (2019) eCPPT [ ]; (2020) OSCP [ ]
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    Congrats on your pass!

    I was able to download my certificate. It took almost a month for the physical certificate to get here. You should be able to check status in your member area.

    I tried running the lab on Windows and found it was inconsistent. It also meant installing tools one by one, at least, for the tools that were actually available for Windows. Connecting to the lab in Windows didn't always work. I gave up and installed Kali Linux on Oracle VirtualBox and had almost no problems with it.
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