Help deciding certification path to take

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I have been on a helpdesk for the past couple years, and have unlike most really enjoyed it, but know that I have hit the paywall regarding no more room for moving up salary or otherwise. I have experience working with the techs on all things from network monitoring, server management, vsphere/vcenter, and a number of other things. I am CCENT certified working towards CCNA in a month or so. I don't want to get certified for the heck of it, and college isn't my thing right now. My current certifications are CCENT, ITIL V3 Foundations, and CySA+-with that last one just me trying to gain some understanding of cybersecurity.

Networking somewhat interest me, but the thought of sitting around waiting for a link to go red, or spending my days doing no shut commands on err disabled ports doesn't sound very satisfying. I have enjoyed working with VMWare virtualisation, but VCP certs only last two years which seems silly and a cash grab. I am considering doing a training course for MCSA Server 2016 since there is no retraining period for it. I thought about CEH or CISSP, but I couldn't justify those with actual hands-on since I do only a limited amount of cyber sec work.

Far too long of a post. Don't want to certify for the heck of it, want VCP but discouraged by 2 year period, and so thinking MCSA 2016 which is that worth it?


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    That was all over the place. What makes you think that an MCSA 2016 will be any better than any other cert? Where do you want to be three years from now and how do you want to get there?
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    I don't really think any one certification is better, but I have made efforts to move out of my current position and have been turned down due to no certifications even though I applied within my experience level. Three years I want to be off a help desk, and would like to be working within a sys admin position. Though I have been turned down for a previous position since I had no MCSA or other sys admin certification even with my years of experience working on multi-domain networks.
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    Just because you get one certification, or one position, doesn't mean you are an "XYZ Technology" guy. It is just the cert, or job, you are doing at the moment. Go ahead and finish your CCNA. I would encourage you to take whichever job looks like it at least slightly interests you, and gets you off the help desk. Get good at the next position, and most likely you'll enjoy it. If you don't you aren't type-cast to that. People change technology tracks all the time. Just move on to the next thing.
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