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I have been taking practice exams from the various online companies and got wildly different results, even when taking different tests with the same test maker. Some say 56% and others say 86%. :\ Which tests give the most realistic experience to the actual Sec+(401), especially when it comes to the visual questions? I have used MikeMeyers, Darrel Gibson, CertMaster, CertBlaster and some other online tests.


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    Did you ever pass them exam of find a solution I'm in the same boat? I just finish D Gibs book and yet to do his online content but have use exam-labs.net and skillset and I get different results passing on techexams and failing on skillset. Please let me know
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    BUGFREEBUGFREE Member Posts: 29 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I haven't passed yet. I am super hesitant to take it unless I can consistently pass practice exams. I didn't have this problem on the A+ exams. In Feb I paid for the Comptia bundle that includes the Sec+ 401 exam, comptia certmaster and an exam re-take if I need it. If I don't take the exam by July.... I lose the exams and I will have to study and pay for the 501.
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    I used three different practice exams and varied on all three as well. The main thing to take from each exam is studying the different questions they're throwing at you. It could be that these tests aren't balanced and may lean more on a specific objective than others. It sounds like you have a great selection to choose from, pick three or four of them and focus on passing with an average of 90% and review the questions (whether you got it wrong or right) that you didn't understand and go over them.

    I like the Darrel Gibson exam app because can test in questions from each individual objective the exam covers which makes it easy to see which objective you need to work on.
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