501 training and test material

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Hi all.

I’m planning on takin the 501 exam by June-July, (that is why I’m going with 501). I got the book get certified get ahead 501, and the pocket pre 501. And just bought the learnzapp app from Darill, include Flashcards and practice test.

Plus I have access to Lynda.com videos and have watche both 401 and now 501 videos. However looks like I have better rettention reading than watching videos.

I was wondering if I should also buy the test/flashcard from his website gcgapremium, would there any difference with that and the learnzapp?

Also, I’m planning on going for CISSP or CISA after sec+. I was recommended the cccure for cissp, so I was wondering if cccure would help for the sec+ as well so I get this instead of the gcgapremium material. Cccure has test practice for sec+.

any advice is appreciated

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