Passed the N10-006 this morning - My thoughts/method

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First time poster, but thought I'd add my thoughts in-case they may be useful to future sitters.

I passed this morning with a score of 823

As many have said I thought the exam was tricker that expected and I needed the full 90 mins to complete everything and double checked what I'd flagged. It wasn't necessarily due to the difficulty of questions, more the phrasing of many of them I'd say. It often seemed to take me longer to understand what I was being asked than it did to work out the answer. If you have the exam objectives down it should be fine though.

My approach to the exam was to skip the simulations at the start without even reading them. I think if you spend too much time on them early on it could be your downfall. I went through the remaining multiple choice q's in around and hour, then completed the 2 simulations in 10-15 mins and used the remaining time to double check the questions I'd flagged going along.

Most of the questions were scenario based, and heavily focused on troubleshooting and remembering standards, data rates etc. Definitely a mixture of understands concepts and memorising stuff rote is required. I had a couple of subnetting questions, but they were pretty simple, how many hosts type q's.

As for learning, this is what I did.

- Read Mike Myers book cover to cover whilst going through his Udemy videos.
- Watched Proffessor Messers videos - You could probably watch either/or as the info is there in both courses, but I definitely picked up stuff that I'd missed the first time round. My personal preference is Messer's delivery but they are both great.
- Practiced subnetting lots (too much probably, to the point that I confused myself with all the different methods I'd been going through.)
- Used Messer's course notes as a sort of expanded version of the Comptia objectives during revision. I don't think I had a single question that wasn't covered in them.
- Finally I did lots of practice tests from various places. The ones that I felt were most similar in wording to the exam were the ones from Myers. I did the exam that came free with his book and bought the 3 exam package on Udemy for £10 or so. They we're similar in phrasing but perhaps not as difficult. Probably took me 50% of the time to complete one as it did the actual exam.

Hope that helps!

On to CCNA for me now.


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    Congrats! How long did you study for? 3 Months?
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    Congrats and good luck with the CCNA!
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    Thanks both!

    It's hard to say how long it really took me, as it was done over 6-8 months with a lot of breaks. 3 months of focussed study would seem about right though.
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    Congrats on the pass! Following suit and also studying for the CCNA. Good luck in your future studies!
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    I am also looking forward to write my N+ next week. I was asking if I nay help me with some performance based questions that you studied. I am very worried about them and I don't know how many will be in my exam.
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    I will be writing N10-006
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    I failed my first attempt a week ago. I wonder will they scrambled all the questions for the second attempt or just a few. Man! the way they phrased the scenario is different from the practice exam.
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    Hi guys,

    what were your the performance questions on the exam?
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    Congrats!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Net+ was my second IT cert, and the preparation for the Net+ exam was what allowed me to answer lot of networking questions and got me my first IT job.
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    Any tips for the network+ mate? seems alot to take in with this exam when im not currently working in networking
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