CCNA cert about to expire end of 2018. Should I retake the test?

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My CCNA cert is expiring in September 2018 (already!) and I'm debating if I should take the effort to update it. I'm a voice engineer and don't actually need the CCNA for my line of work, however, it looks good to have it on my resume. I am actually studying for the SIP school cert so my time is very limited to take on two certs at the same time.


  • BlucodexBlucodex Member Posts: 430 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I would study for a test out of the CCNP track. Maybe voice? This will renew your CCNA and get you down the path of CCNP.
  • RussInGothamRussInGotham Member Posts: 15 ■■□□□□□□□□
    If I'm reading Cisco's website right, you have to pass an associate level or higher exam to recertify.

    The Collaboration track replaced Voice. CCNP Collaboration requires CCNA Collaboration. CCNA Collaboration has no prerequisites, although it is two exams.

    These seem to be your options:
    • Just let your CCNA R&S expire
    • Retake the CCNA R&S before or after it expires
    • Let the CCNA R&S expire, and then pass the CCNA Collaboration why you have more time
    • Pass the first of two CCNA Collaboration exams before the CCNA R&S expires, and then pass the the second CCNA Collaboration exam when you have more time
    I'd try to do that last option. That way you keep your CCNA R&S alive, and moving forward, you just have to keep your CCNA Collaboration alive. You'll also be positioned to get CCNP Collaboration in the future.
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