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I just got done reading Darril Gibson's SY0-401 book. I'm just started using Skillset Security+ free training and sec+ sy0-401. My question is how accurate is the skillset comptia sec+ to the questions on the real exam? I took the real exam back in 2015 and failed 732. I cannot remember what the questions were like on the actual exam. I also have access to D Gibs online content, I purchased the full course package. Which would be a better study method for the most realistic test? I see a lot of content on skillset thats not covered in Darril's book. Which is why I must be answering them wrong. I then read the explanation and it says this is a CISSP question. I just want to pass the Exam hopefully this month! Also how accurate is the test compared to the comptia exam that seems to be more realistic to me and I'm getting alot of them correct on there. Which would a better study to focus on practice test related to the exam out of the 3? (skillset,, d. gibson online content). Thank you all in advance. Also I do have experience in IT I currently work in Help Desk for about 3 years now and I have my A+ and Net+.


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    Mr. Plumber, I reviewed Professor Messer's $10 study guide & YouTube vlogs, + CramMaster (which came with exam voucher & retake)...+ read Sybex & CompTIA Sec+ books...and studied it for over a 9mo period, while working full-time in IT...yeah, had to quit the social life for a bit, but it was worth it. Anything is worth it if you put extra effort into it. I really try to understand all of the concepts of IT Security and be able to recommend them to clients, dept heads, etc. so they implement additional security measures to prevent hacks. I would focus on CompTIA objectives, go thru each one them, YES ALL, 1 by 1 & if you know it, move on...if you don't, mark it & then go do some research on that particular unfamiliar protocol/technology whatever...just review it over & over till you know it...don't go into the test thinking its gonna be a breeze, because its will be tougher than you think. Best of luck!
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    Awesome man thank you for your insight. I've been studying for since April 22nd pretty much reading gibsons book about 1-2 hours a day give or take when i can. Just completed the book yesterday 5/31. Now i'm just trying to focus on practice tests before I sit the exam. I just bought the security bundle for the re-take just in case I need it. It also came with the certmaster course and I have completed about 60% percent of it so far. Im thinking of finishing that this weekend and then go back to gibsons online content and do the practice exams and the sims. Hope it all will help!
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