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I need some fixing up to do on my resume as I haven't really touched it in
about 3 months.

Objective: A position in technical support that will utilize my education and strong hardware/software troubleshooting skills.


Summary of Qualifications:
• Hardware disassembly and reassembly
• Troubleshooting PC installations
• Troubleshooting Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP platforms
• TCP/IP protocols
• MS Outlook and Excel
• Managing Users and Groups
• Scripting batch files
• LAN/WAN Infrastructure & Hardware ( Ethernet, switches, routers, firewalls)
• Setting up wireless connectivity with the 802.11b and 802.11g standards
• Implementing Domain Controllers ,DHCP servers, FTP servers and DNS in a Windows server 2003 environment
• Red Hat Linux configuration and administration
• Bash Shell scripting
• Implement scripts with SQL and PL/SQL
• Oracle9i installation and administration on the Linux platform
• Implementing Backup and Recovery Strategy using Recovery Manager

2004 - Present
Computer Career Institute at Johns Hopkins University
PC & Networking Design w/Security Master Certificate Program
Relevant Coursework: Introduction to PC Hardware, Hardware Assembly & Installation, Command Line Interface, OS Fundamentals, Linux System Configuration, Troubleshooting Applications. Installing, configuring, and administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional.

2001 – 2002
Catonsville Community College, Computer Science Major

Work Experience:
2006 – Present, Field Service Technician, Convergenz / Unisys (Contract for Baltimore County Public Schools).
Replaced defective motherboards for Baltimore County Public Schools.
Troubleshooted network connectivity problems.
Assist Users with questions while on site.
Configured computers for domain access.
Updated CMOS settings after Installation of new motherboards.
Write up Service tags for any defective parts after inspection.
Serviced an estimated 25 - 35 Schools

I only posted the work experience that I think is helpful. Any advice would be nice . Thanks


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    Hi avx,

    Here is my constructive criticism.

    First thing I see is the objective. It’s dull and doesn’t catch attention. The first thing an employer looks at is the first top portion of your resume. If it doesn’t catch their attention they may pass you up with out looking at the rest. You need to catch their attention there.

    A company doesn’t care what you want to do. They want to see what you can do for them. So in your objective create something that will catch their attention and will show them what you can do for them.

    Here’s part from my resume. If you want you can edit it as you please if you do want to use some of it.

    “OBJECTIVE: Multi-certified (CCNA, MCP, DCSE, Network+) IT Technician, experienced in configuring Linksys Routers, Wireless, LAN Support, Desktop Support, Call Center experience, Creating Technical Documentation, Hardware Support, Experience in Cisco Routing, looking for a great company with potential for career growth.”

    It shows off my certifications and shows I have experience in these areas and completes it with a closing sentence.

    So if an employer was looking for someone who has their CCNA and could do desktop support I grab their attention right of the bat.

    Its not perfect but its better than “Objective: A position in technical support that will utilize my education and strong hardware/software troubleshooting skills.”

    With your work experience, I would try to elaborate more if you can.

    “Troubleshooted network connectivity problems.” What kind of problems? Did you run cabling? Did you make cables? Did you remove viruses? Did you trace cables to routers or switches? Setup static IP addresses? Resolve DNS or DHCP issues? Maybe you can stretch that more.

    Your title is a field service tech. I’m sure you’ve done more than what you’ve posted in your resume right? If so list everything you’ve done. Your list is kind of thin. You never know you may post something that an employer finds that’s the experience he needs.

    So anyways that’s my two cents!
    Marcus Williamson
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    I agree that you should elaborate on your work experience. You have a good skills list up there and you might want to try to apply it to your job experience section to show that you've practiced those skills in the field. If its a field tech job that you're looking for, flex those types of skills in your previous job experience.

    However, I do disagree with the suggestion about your Objective. mwill's Objective looks more like a Summary statement. The only part of it that is actually an objective is the final few words. I think yours is fine because you've defined exactly what you want. During my most recent job search I found that to be very important.

    I got all my resume tips from various IT recruiters and you may want to try and get in touch with them. They look at more resumes than any manager would and should be able to offer good hints.

    Hope that helps :)
    Currently working on:
    CCNP (BCMSN, ONT, ISCW completed)
    HP ASE ProCurve Networking (BPRAN, Security completed)
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