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I'm a systems admin with around 14 years experience. I've looked after small businesses since getting into the IT field so I'm not a specialist in any area, more of a generalist with a focus on Server Administration, but I also do security, networking, telephony, desktop support etc.

My company has offered to get me on a 5 day CISSP course and I am interested in doing the exam and getting the qualification.

My question is, should I start self study for a few months first, then do the course, then do the exam ASAP after the course?

Alternatively I would do the course, then self study, then the exam.



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    Study then take a prep course then test for the exam. the prep courses are more of a finishing tool to help polish things up right before the exam. If you don’t study on your own then take a prep course, what will the prep course help with? There will be no information which needs to be cleared up .. all of the info will be new.

    And yes it will be a good idea to test as soon as possible after the polishing course ( prep boot camp)
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    As scada mentioned, these courses are used as a refresher for the core elements of the CISSP.

    You need to know the material before setting foot into a training course.
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    I think that CISSP does not lend well for a course. It is a perfect certs for self-study. I have a similar experience than you and I did self-study all the way. There is a lot of good material for cheap.
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    Thanks for the answers everyone, I will do as suggested.
  • mrmegsmrmegs Posts: 3Registered Users ■□□□□□□□□□
    I think that CISSP does not lend well for a course. It is a perfect certs for self-study. I have a similar experience than you and I did self-study all the way. There is a lot of good material for cheap.

    Thanks Steve, my company is paying so I'm not too fused around cost. How has the cert helped you, I am interested as you say you're from a similar background. Thanks for the reply.
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    I came from a similar background as well and self studied. I had already switched to a security job before taking it so it wasn't only factor in job offers but the interest went up significantly afterwards.
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    It is not a matter of cost. CISSP has a lot of material, but is not deep in knowledge. So I think that in a 1 week course, it would be only cramming, also all student have a different experience, so perhaps you need more time for Domain 8... but all other are ok... In my case, I prefered to self-study. Usually my company only permit to put successfull exam on the expense report, but I made a deal with my boss, that instead to pay 3000$ for a course, he would permit me a failed exam on my expense report. It was a good deal for him, because I succeeded at my first attempt, and it give me the option to take another course with that budget.

    My company is a VAR/MSP style of company, we are 70 people. We do IT services for many smaller company(mostly SMB). Also we do software developpement. I am currently the IT Architect, for all the company, but as any SMB you got to have several hats. I do a lot of consulting with our larger customer and those customer needed more security, some are trying to implement ISO 27001, or other security framework. In doing the CISSP, it gave me a lot of credibility to work with those customer and their auditing firm. It help us keep the implementation part of the security framework. Also, it permit me to establish myself as the security consultant in my region. With a bit of networking, I developped some relationship with local cyberrisk insurer and auditing firm that with our firm as there was a CISSP on-board, their customers are in good hand.

    Well, it was a paying move for my company, as just in a few month, I was making them more money. Also, it was a good personal career move as it gave me a better salary/condition.
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    +1 for Steve.

    This isn't an exam that I'd sit a bootcamp on as I feel that I can learn best on my own pace. If you encounter any item that you need further clarification, aside from Google, you can ask away here in TE or in any other forums such as reddit, etc.
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