Passed CISSP today, on 100 of questions after 2 hrs

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Just passed today on 100 of questions after 2 hrs. I was a bit nervous when I have replied on Question #100 , because at this point you can Success, Fail or given a more 50 Questions:)
I would like to share my experience now.

My preparation took about 10 months with a delays. I am security software developer (2FA authentication for Active Directory and encryption tools, PKI, HSM, OATH, smart-cards, RFID etc.) with some experience in Networking, but not in: Risk Management, Asset security, a bit of Security and Assessment Testing and Security Operations.

My preparation materials:
- David Miller, CISSP Certification Training, O'Reilly Media ( preview )
- Conrad E., Misenar S., Feldman J. - CISSP Study Guide, 3rd Edition - 2015
- Sybex CISSP 8th edition (40 usd) , I read it just a month before examination just to refresh and get a Bonus exams. I like the book in general, however the QA in the book is very simple. You can rely on this QA just to estimate how you understand the Topic but not Certification process :) 8th edition add some new ITSec vendors, GDPR notes, Russian hackers etc.

- Sybex CISSP Practice Test book and Android app (40+9 usd) - Very Good. For full practice tests I got 70-75 %
- Sybex Bonus Exams (5 * 150 questions) - Very good.
- exams for 50 usd. Many tests of Hard or PRO with 60, and then 75-80% of success rate - Very good.
- Sunflower PDF for quick refresh during Training Tests. Good.
- Shon Harris CISSP Practice Exam 3rd edition
- other CISSP test apps available on a google play

During all practice tests my score was never more than 80%

I had a notebook where I wrote all my Failed Q/A. This was so productive for me to write down where I have failed.

20 days before Exam:
- Review notes about failed QA
-, 1 test of 150 "PRO" QA per day to organize myself, and analyze errors with a written notes.
- And one more of 25 QA of other levels before go to sleep.

About Exam:
- There was only 15 quite simple questions like "What service works on port 25" or "what could cause a DDOS attack". All Other was quite challenging for me and took 1-2 mins and still with a doubts.

IMHO, the key to CISSP success:
- to be practitioner in at least 2 domains
- have a free time to learn something new, 2 hrs per day
- try as much QA/Test as you can. during a lunch, before sleep, right after a get up, while sitting/waiting somewhere looking up for my kids.
- Always have some CISSP materials with you: smartphone, book, printed sunflower pdf.
- track your weak points, by noticing it in a notebook. Read your notes to refresh before each Test.

Thanks to the CISSP I will never forget Bell LaPadula, Biba and Clark Wilson names :))


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    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your learning route to CISSP! Do not stop, :).
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    Excellent!! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif

    Any certifications you are eyeing after this one?
    X year plan: (20XX) OSCP [ ], CCSP [ ]
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    Congrats for passing this exam.
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    Awesome and Congrats. I hope to take and pass the exam very soon and will take your advice to heart.
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    Congratulations on your achievement, and thanks for sharing. This helps.
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