Passed the Security+ After 6-12 months of deliberation

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For those of you who remember me posting about wanting to do the Sec+ around 6-8 months ago ( I decided "what the heck is taking so long! let's just book it". I booked it and scraped a pass of 752 (needed 750 to pass).

I had barely studied the thing. The phrase "a mile and and an inch deep" comes to mind. My workplace had purchased certmaster and I have to say - in the real exam, I got absolutely no questions that were from certmaster. Maybe I just got unlucky, but it was an incredibly hard exam (harder than the Linux+ I think). I'm not sure if that's because I barely studied it,or because the questions were so ambiguous.

The sheer amount of acronyms in the Sec+ is mind-blowing. I genuinely thought i'd failed it when I got to the end of the exam. I am not exactly pleased with my score but at the same time, I am glad it's done and dusted. This exam has put me off doing any more multiple choice (read: non-practical exams). I firmly believe that someone can study this and know nothing, or very little about Digital Security. The exam just felt like a memory test of acronyms.

I can't really offer people advice on how to pass this, because I don't know how I passed it myself! It was luck of the draw. If I took it today, I may fail, I may score higher, I honestly don't know. Either way, it's my first cert of 2018 and now I need to figure out my career path and whether I want to persue more certs or a new job.

Thanks for reading!
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    si20 wrote: »
    I booked it and scraped a pass of 752 (needed 750 to pass).

    Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif

    A pass is a pass anyway so don't mind the score (coming from a guy who took his CRISC a few years back and scored 456 (needed 450 to pass). icon_thumright.gif
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