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I am setting up a lab to get started on CCNA and then either CCNP or CSSP.

This is what I have tell me if I need more or if you think that this will be good. Also does anyone have any good lab senerios that I can run on this hardware?
1 - 1720 series router / wic
1 - 2600 series router / wic
2 - 2500 series routes / serial
1 - 1900 switch
1 - 3548 switch
1 - PIX 525 firewall



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    you should have the "final" goal in mind or you'll be buying new equipment eventually.
    have a look at this ....
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    pannick wrote:
    I am setting up a lab to get started on CCNA and then either CCNP or CSSP.
    If your 2500s aren't 252xs -- then you should get one to use as a frame-relay switch. The 4 serial port models will get you through the CCNA... and the 10 port model will take you through the CCIE.

    The 2600 should do trunking (the 2610 with a >12.2 enterprise/telco version trunks on the 10 MB port) -- that 1720 might be the 1700 version that doesn't trunk for some reason -- you can test that and let us know. :D

    You can't do much switching with just one switch. I don't count the 1900 as a "real switch." The 1900 will let you do OSPF DR/DBR elections... but that's about it. It does do STP, so you can use it as a 3rd switch for that.

    The 3548 is an XL, right? Enterprise IOS version? Should do most everything you'll need for the CCNA...., but you might want to get it a friend to play with -- a 2950, or another Enterprise XL series (3500 or 2900).

    As you move into the CCNP -- you'd want a 3550 swtich... beg, borrow, buy, or rent. It's nice to have, but its expensive -- and if your looking at the CCSP and building a home lab for that, your money is probably better spent there.... unless you are thinking about the CCIE someday (then think about 1 3550 for the CCNP).

    Hardware for the CCSP is expensive, and it's fun keeping track of software versions. If you wanted the CCSP home lab, you'd start by running the IOS Firewall/IDS/Encryption versions on your routers. You'd be looking at adding a VPN Concentrator and maybe a 3002 Hardware Client. I have a 4210 IDS, and have been looking at the new IPS.... and for now I'll probably rent some rack time for that -- they are new and still pricey. That PIX 425 might get you by -- what version is it running?

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    pannick wrote:
    Also does anyone have any good lab senerios that I can run on this hardware?
    Oops... forgot to answer this part.

    The Cisco Press Practical Studies Series books have lots of senerios. The CCNA version needs to be updated to remove the old material, but is still useful (if you ignore the old stuff).

    The Sybex book has Hand-on exercises... or something like that. Pretty obvious when they suggest you should try things.

    Otherwise just try the various examples that you are reading about in whatever book(s) you are using.
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    I'm slowly preparing for my CCNA....I understand it's nothing like the MCP exams and A+/Network+ exam....

    I'm probably going to spend a little bit of money on some hardware...I've read the FAQ page, and saw the packages from

    If I get the 2610 and a computer...will that be good for CCNA? Some tests says they need 3 routers..but lots of examples are showing only 2 routers...

    also, does the memory configuration matter? it's quite a jump between 32MB and 64MB on the that really going to matter?

    Also...should I bother spending money on a switch...what can I use it for other than cisco exams?
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