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With no prior work experience in IT, will it be hard to do BS IT? Should I choose an emphasis? Cybersecurity and Data Management look interesting but I don't know what I really like yet. Is it a good idea to go for the generic one?
Will it be hard to get an entry level IT job with a generic IT degree?


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    I hear this question all the time (I am an IT instructor). First, do you meet the minimum requirements for entry to the program? If I remember correctly, you have to have 3 years of IT experience, an associates degree, or an IT certification. Not knowing your educational background, I would recommend getting the CompTIA A+ (two exams, do not pay full price for each of them). The exam objectives will cover most areas of IT, so you will get a lot of great information that will possibly give you pointers as to where in IT you would like to concentrate.

    As for getting a job, the degree will give you a foot in the door. The certifications that are required as part of the program will also be of immense help. Remember though, they are there to give you access to hiring managers. If you interview poorly or your LinkedIn/resume is poorly worded, then finding a job will not be easy despite the degree and certifications. So don't neglect people skills when you are studying.
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