Passed CySA+ 6/16/18

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since my last certification exam. I am pleased to announce that I passed my CySA+ exam today with a 809/750.

I took my sweet time on this exam and only had about 15mins remaining. I liked that CompTIA gave us plenty of time for this exam as I really had to flex my brain. As many other members mentioned before, I found the simulations to be pretty straight forward and multiple choice questions more challenging.

My study resources were:

Sybex book with practice questions.
Udemy courses with Jason Dion & Total seminars course.
Quizlet flashcards for memorization.

I recently landed a cyber sec role (under 6mo) so I had a bit of exposure to nessus and other tools. To pass the exam, my recommendation would be to spend a little extra time on log analysis (syslog, firewall, wireshark)
Know basic linux cmds and not only use the process of elimination but analyze the answers in your head to see if it really applies to the question.

My goal for the rest of the year is to take some Red Hat classes and then on to CISSP.
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