So the OSCP journey begins...

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Hey! As of today, I've enrolled onto the PWK course! My course content will be sent over to me and lab time commences on the 30th of this month @ 8pm NY time. Which to me is 1am July 1st (UK time) so that will be a late late night! I shall buy bulk jars of coffee to last me the whole 90 days ;). In the mean time, I will mainly be brushing up on my competence at using Linux - as even though I've used Kali whilst studying Udemy courses, I believe I still need to master Linux a little more. I shall use this thread to document the whole thing. To put some perspective on this, I have no formal IT experience though I've always had an affinity with computers and have showed and aptitude. I have done a few Udemy courses on social engineering (mainly studying client side attacks eg; malware creation, BEEF, credential harvesting,email spoofing SEToolkit etc etc.) As well as a general hacking course (wireless attacks, server side attacks, post exploitation, pivoting, SQL injection, XSS etc etc. I've also done a Python course albeit I have not finished that one. I may have studied a lot of the techniques, but only to a shallow extent, eg, I've only touched the surface of a massive and engaging subject. Wish me luck!


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    Good luck in your pursuit!!
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