Windows Priv Esc - OSCP :|

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Evening All,

I am looking at starting OSCP in the near future, I have done my fair share of vulnhub VMs (I know thats not enough by itself) and for my day job I'm a SOC engineer, blue team etc etc..

The trouble I am having is I work with Linux every day so popping Linux boxes comes a little easier to me that Windows.. Sadly I have no Windows admin experience so I am hoping someone on here could give me a few hints and tips re Windows Priv Esc.

From what I understand there is no one "root" location, root in the windows world is the C:\ or D:\ etc is that correct?

Is there any commonalities between the two, ie does windows have a version of cronjob, are permissions similar really the bare bones basics of Windows Admin and common pit falls?

Thanks for the taking the time I appreciative its a bit vague!



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