2-3 years left at my current employer.

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I'm pretty much burned out with the administrative side of security. I want to do something different and technical. I'm stuck in my current role until someone is promoted or I just have enough it and walk.

I'd like to go to work for another company traveling and doing some form of infosec consulting but I need to get my youngest enrolled in college first.

By the end of July I will have passed my MCSE CPI, so my resume will look OK from a technical and administrative point of view.

I'll plan on adding add a CISA and a CCNP-Security before I walk out the door. I've got recent solid skills in GRC and Vuln mgmt, but I want to leave that behind. I've got long term telco, OT(Manufacturing), and network skills that have been sitting on a shelf that I'd like to put to use.

For those of you traveling and doing consulting, is it what you'd hoped it would be?


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    Most of the time it's dealing with bad/clueless customers and sales team.
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