Barely passed 401 exam today

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Thanks to everyone on here reading forums and all and a Big Thanks to shochan!!! Don't take this exam lightly questions a very difficult to decipher to get the correct answer. I had 2 sims straight from Darril Gibsons online content and 70 questions that were multiple choice a few having to select multiple answers. I just barely passed this exam on my 3rd attempt and I mean barely 751/750.

Study Materials used
Darril Gibsons 401 book, online content, and paid ios app
Professor Messer Videos
Cbt Nugget Videos

A pass is a pass and I'm happy to be done with this one.

Next will be CCNA any good recommendations for an actual interactive online course?


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    Congratulations on the pass!
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    Congrats well done
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    Thanks you guys!
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    Thanks guys!! Since then I started my studies for CCENT any recommendations for material?

    I'm currently using:
    CCENT ICND1 100-105 v3 - Todd Lammle
    Cert Prep: CCENT ICND1 100-105 v3 - Todd Lammle via
    [h=3]Cisco CCNA Configuration Labs : Hands On Experience Guide | Udemy[/h]Packet tracer

    Will this be enough?

    how many sims compared to number of questions are are on the exam?
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    Congrats on the PASS. There is no such thing as "barely passed". Like the old cliché goes, what do they call the last in class in med school? Doctor!

    Packet tracer was very helpful for me. I got to play around with many types of configurations, play around with RIP, EIGRP, and OSPF routing, even make complex network topologies with ACLs and all. It was enough not only for me to pass my CCNA, I have been able to answer interview questions on IOS.
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    Congrats!!!!! I retest for the 2nd time tomorrow.
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    Congrats man! I'm preparing for 501 now, I'm definitely going to buy the retake package just in case. I've heard the theory based word questions can be VERY tricky!

    I passed my CCNA in April, I used Chris Bryant's Udemy course and Packet Tracer to study with. I also had the OSG which was helpful. David Bomball on youtube has some great videos on specific topics, so I'd definitely check him also! Good luck!
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    I'm loving all of the recent entry level passes. (i don't say that disparagingly) These are huge steps towards your future. Congrats, brother.
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