BCMSN this Sunday.

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Got it scheduled. Wish me luck folks - as usual this forum has been a great help. I tried to answer some ccna/ccnp forum questions this time around instead of asking soley for advice. Hopefully some of it has been useful.

This week is definitely going to be a cramorama, particularly with this blasted QoS and Spanning Tree stuff. Multicast has proven obnoxious also.



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    Best of luck mate!
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    Good Luck!

    Don't forget all that high-availability stuff..... I still think the HSRP & VRRP & GLBP should have been in BSCI and not BCMSN.
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    good luck! enjoy the exam.
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    Good luck Pizza, hope when you nail it you can give us a list of study refs.
    I'm not putting extra pressure on you am i? icon_smile.gif
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    Thanks folks. Ed congrats on your BCRAN pass. I'm on book-troll mode right now where I try and collect the scraps I was too lazy to memorize in the beginning.... where to start.... well known multicast mac addresses? hmm... show commands? ... hello intervals? it never ends does it.

    Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good so far. We'll see what happens.
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    Woo hoo! On to the BCRAN.

    Study references:
    1. CCNP self study 3rd edition (Froom, Sivasub, Frahim)
    1. CCNP exam cram 3rd edition (Hucaby)

    Thats it! Straight Cisco Press this time. I do have access to an enterprise network - so I was able to find a lot of relevant configs in a production environment. That helped me study, though, I'm not really allowed to try any fail-scenarios this way because I'll be busting live systems. As a "lab" I have 2 3550's and two 2924 switches. I would have liked to have done more hands on spanning-tree scenarios --- this would have helped.

    Try and memorize every CLI command you can.
    Overall, I thought the Cisco BluePrint was pretty fair.

    BTW, I read the self study at least twice and maybe a little more. That book is deceptively enormous. The pages are super thin and there's almost no appendix/glossary to speak of. It's just end to end info. There's a fair amount of catOS stuff that you can skip over learning commands for.

    It took me about a week under 3 months. I study perhaps 1.5 hours per day. Maybe 2-3 each weekday. This is a really rough estimate though and may be inaccurate. I don't really keep track of my studying very well.

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    pizzafart wrote:
    Woo hoo! On to the BCRAN.
    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    Who Hoo! An excuse to continue work on my Guinness backlog! drunken_smilie.gifdrunken_smilie.gifdrunken_smilie.gif
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    Whoops, I meant to says "and 2 - 3 hours each weekend day".

    Anyway, thanks. And yes... I did do some catching up on my brew backlog last night. icon_cool.gif
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