A pass is a pass

rkholmesrkholmes Member Posts: 42 ■■□□□□□□□□
Well I passed XKO-002...BARELY

I have to give CompTIA some credit on this one. The test was meaningful without a doubt. I've been a 'part time' Linux admin at work for almost 5 years and pulled a 695 on this test.

I took 89 of the 90 minutes to complete it as well.

The book that I bought 'Linux+ 2005 In depth' was just too dry for my reading. I used the tech-notes from this site along with a skim of the book. Don't let CompTIA's rep of putting out exams that are super easy to pass fool you. I thought Security+ was stupidly simple, and as a result took this test and studying for it a little too lightly.

But like the proctor said...'A pass is a pass'



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