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I have been studying for ccna for so many months and still feel not enough study I did. When i do practice exams it makes me feel i still have to do lot of work. I have one doubt that is some guys who publish on net saying...get ccna in 3, 5, 7 days etc is it genunine...I am working my ass off for so many months and how come those guys do that...any clue wats going on about bootcamps....well does any one had bought new book released by cisco press on ccna certification 2nd edition...? can any one suggest which book to read and practice exams which can be bought online for good grade....please help....thanks and views appreciated.


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    Depends on your computing experience. If you have never delt with networks in real life then I guess it will take longer :)

    I am hoping to knock over most of the cisco books in a couple of weekends and then sit for my ccna - but I have previously used cisco gear at work, and understand all the theory in the books (it is just a matter for me of learning the ios commands) :)

    If you are stuck, hit ebay - get some cheap second hand routers and make a network - it is the best way to learn.

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