Thinking about dropping out, 1 1/2 years left

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So im a junior at a University in Mississippi, my major is computer networking. All together, my outlook is all the liberal arts courses i have taken and have passed i have already forgotten, if you ask me to find the area of a triangle or what type of rock this is on the ground, or what is self actualization or what did Socrates do with his life or how to write a paper, all the material leaves my head. I know repetition is key for me to memorize material, but once old material from a semester has passed im faced with a new semester that i can barley keep up with. All the while after the school work is finished and the family is taken care dinner ex i have no time to study for my CCNA unless i want to give up the 4 grand hours of sleep im able to get each night. All together im headed in a direction in which case i graduate not being able to use any liberal arts courses to my advantage and not knowing anything about Networking cause i was to worried about memorizing each sentence of some dam philosophy book so that i would pass the test. I know employers want BS degrees which is the only reason im doing it. I have learned 10 times more through CBT nuggets online vs 2 years through netacad with an instructor. All the smarter students i knew actually went to the president of the junior college complaining that the Cisco instructor didn't teach them anything because by the time we graduated, no one knew how to configure or troubleshoot a network. I have friends moving on with their lives having not gone to college obtaining real world experience like i used to when i was in the military all the while i feel like im moving backwards with this what i call a SCAM/EDUCATION.


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    Yeaaaaaa please finish and take those writing courses. If not for you, for the rest of us.

    But really, you've came so far and having a degree can be extremely helpful. And also for the writing comprehension part.
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    I agree with NetworkNewb. My eyes!
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    Look if you don't like the degree and it's not working out then take action. I don't know what to tell you. If the program is making you that miserable, then move onto the CCNA.

    That's all I got.
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    If it's a Computer Networking major and you have Liberal Arts classes, so what in my opinion. Are you going to use those "General Ed" courses throughout your life? Maybe yes, maybe no. Are you going to be at a disadvantage by dropping out and not obtaining a degree? More than likely, on top of student loan debt that goes wasted. A lot of schools ARE scams, but a lot of it has to do with WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE KNOWLEDGE? Trust me, I dropped out of a junior college at 17 because I hate programming. However, I went back to get the degrees I have now, with 135k in student loan debt, and ZERO regrets.

    Go ahead and stick with the certs, because those will show your aptitude and drive, but as far as school... well, you can tell I'm opinionated in that regard.
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    The most important thing you are learning in college isn't computer networking. It's how to learn any subject, communicate, and stick to a task that sucks. You'll find much more value in completing your education than the temporary reprieve from quitting.
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    Just finish the degree. 99% of us didn't truly want to suffer through college and take random classes but we did to check off the degree portion of most HR's filters.
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