Passed on 6/25/2018 (Thanks to the Lord!)



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    jt2929 said:
    Why is it hard for you to congratulate this member for passing CISSP before reminding him or her what and what not to include in their resume; do you think you better by having fully CISSP? When somebody is smart enough to pass the same exam they have the right to say which exam they passed. So please stop bringing your negativity to this forum!!!!!

    This is a topic for another thread, but the OP is a perfect example of what is going wrong with this certification and it's emerging reputation. An accountant with little to no security experience passes the exam. Now what? I don't get the point in even taking the exam until you can get the full credential. Yes, great job memorizing the material and passing the exam. The industry is in need of experienced professionals, not paper CISSPs.
    Hey jt2929, thanks for the concern.

    I am in government contracting and Associate of ISC2 (CISSP) is just as good as CISSP in terms of meeting the contractual requirement (IAT/IAM Level III) and I knew this before I started studying for the test. 

    Since the exam, I got a new job in the cybersecurity field and currently making about 30% more than what I used to make.

    Guess what? I have also passed AWS Soultions Architect - Associate and Certified Cloud Security Professional since I have passed CISSP.

    Based on your reply, I will take that you are an experienced security professional? One thing I have learned in the as a professional is that your value doesn't come from how many years of experience you have but how much you care to learn and what you are willing to give.

    Purpose of my post was to help and encourage others to pass the exam which I believe is why this forum even exist and you probably do not belong here if you disagree with that. 

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