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I am currently at the half way mark of my CCNA but was just wondering if anyone had any success using just the CBT Nugget videos along with the GNS3. Also, kind of a stupid question, but i have little hands on experience with real routers and wondered if after i complete the labs through GNS3 if it would benefit me to complete them in a real lab. The University i am going to has a routing and switching lab they use to teach the students through the first 4 cisco classes that build around the CCNA, but i was a transfer student and didnt get any real equipment to work with, just packet tracer. I used to be a mechanic, so i know its a stupid question cause im all about hands on, i was just curious as to the approach with this method if anyone else had success.


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    CBT Nuggets are great training but they tend to be fairly shallow and leave gaps in what you need to pass the exam. Especially as a beginner with no experience you will need additional resources to pass the exam. Read the Official Cert Guide (OCG) or similar book and pay close attention to details. Some folks will hate on the OCGs but I've had pretty good luck with them. But again don't use only the OCG. You will need multiple sources. Udemy is another good video source at a very economical price. I would still use a book in there somewhere but we all learn differently.

    Pay very close attention to the Cisco exam topics (Explain, Describe, Configure, etc) and study your resources based on what it says you need to know.

    Configuration wise GNS3 is the exact same thing but a real lab will help in understanding the hardware and connections piece of the puzzle. Whether you actually need it to pass the exam or not I don't know, but every little bit helps. If you have the time then go for it.
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    Being able to touch real equipment is nice, but I think you'd benefit much more by doing a couple practice exams instead.
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    There is a lot to learn from real equipment so I think it is worth getting at some point. Even just a couple of old devices will help.

    I don't think you need real equipment to pass the exams.
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Senior Member Posts: 0 ■■□□□□□□□□
    You don't "need" any simulator software or real equipment to pass the CCNA. Is it nice sure but if you really read the material and understand the concepts along with show commands, you should be fine.
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    Chris.Mackenzie01Chris.Mackenzie01 Member Posts: 36 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I used Chris Bryant on Udemy for CCNA and currently my CCNP.
    I did watch the Cbt nuggets videos but they are lacking in indepth content. You cannot just watch the videos and pass.

    GNS3 and Packet tracer is what i used to pass. Look online for people who have built the simulations that you can upload into those programs to get you troubleshooting successfully.
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