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Hey guys
I'm a Junior Information Security Specialist, so to say, and my review will be coming up in September.
I started out not knowing too much, just what I had learned through WGU as I got my degree, and whatever I read online.

I started in April of 2017, and since then I have done the following:
Obtained GCIH Cert
Performed Password Audit
Currently performing web application penetration tests
Wrote multiple SOPs
Wrote work instructions on the password audit
And whatever else my job entailed (investigating malicious email, etc.)

During my half year review, my manager said that I have blown all his expectations out the water and he is extremely satisfied with me and that I am a great asset to him. Mind you, this is a brand new department I'm involved building and branching out (because he was the sole security guy for a while but he is completely stacked with a crap ton of work)

When I took the job, I took a lower than average salary for a security professional.

Last year my raise was roughly 3000, but I want to shoot for a higher one this year considering my cert and the work I have been doing.

Do you think it's feasible to kind of push toward a higher raise than I obtained last year?

I hate putting my salary out like this, but coming into the position I made 62k, now I'm at 65k.


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    Can you quantify or otherwise show the positive impact writing the SOPs and instructions had on the job? It will certainly help with justification for a bigger salary increase. Also try to quantify the impact of your other functions, try to show where that added value to the organization (recovering vital systems, restoring productivity, etc.). We all like more money but at the end of the day the only rational justification for pay raises are raises in value to the organization. That you obtained the GCIH certification definitely will help your case too!
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