Experience in moving to Singapore/Thailand

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Hey all,

I'm wondering if anyone here was able to move to Singapore or Thailand and was successful in getting a well paying position. My wife is Thai so we would like to move back there at some point but I do know that there are very limited options in IT for expats so the closest destination would be Singapore. I've checked out some Cyber Security job postings on indeed in Singapore but it's never clear if the companies will consider out of country applicants.


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    No first hand experience myself and colleagues I know who got to places like Singapore or Hong Kong mostly got there because they were sent from their home country by their employer to go there. Only a couple of them mentioned they got any kind of expat package, most had to live on the economy. And Singapore is not cheap, in fact it's one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. Some westerners get around by going ahead and living in the nicer third world neighborhoods to save money.
    All I can suggest is apply, apply, apply. If you have what they need, they will sponsor you. It isn't that hard for companies to sponsor skilled professionals for work visas, in fact, their government encourages it. Be mindful you may not get an expat package and will be expected to live on the economy on your salary.
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    Depends on what sort of job you are looking for. To work in Singapore, you need to have desirable skill sets that are in short supply and the company need to sponsor your EP (Employment Pass). If you are into pen testing and your OSCP was obtained recently, convert it to CREST CRT; the certification is required for government and financial industry pen test engagements in Singapore. Note that certain jobs are for locals only.
    Besides Singapore, you can explore Malaysia and Australia.

    Not sure about Indeed as I have not used it, Monster and LinkedIn seems more popular. I do get occasional unsolicited message from recruiters via LinkedIn about new job opportunities in Singapore. PM me and let's connect through LinkedIn; at least I can refer you to those recruiters. :D
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