Need Advice: Best Way to setup Multi-Site

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Currently we have 6 sites that are all pointed towards our main datacenter in Site A. Site B and C are within 15 mile radius. Sites D, E, and F are between 2000-3000 miles away and include another country. Currently run a VNX unit to house all of our VMs (vSphere). VNX is going EOL this year and looking at upgrading. Current IT team is 3 people (Site A) who support network/servers/users for all sites. We do have a developer and a DBA but their knowledge is limited to their fields.

My plan
Go with the following items:
2 new hybrid/flash storage arrays
8 New/Used servers
4 10Gbe Switches

Notes: Have Site C as a failover for Site A. IT can quickly drive over to Site C if necessary to address any issues.

IT Manager’s Plan

Following Items:
12 New/Used Servers (x2 per site)
6 Hybrid Storage Units such as Dell EqualLogic (8TB each to start)
12 10Gbe switches (x2 per site)

Notes: Each site will be running an in-house application built by IT manager and a SQL database that will replicate the data at night back to Site A. The 2nd server per site is just for redundancy.
We will be setting up Hyper-V at these sites to save on the cost of VMware licenses. None of us have any Hyper-V experience.

I feel my plan will come out cheaper in the long run including all licensing. Also I feel like it would be easier for IT team to manage which would raise productivity. Then again.. Maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about? Oh and we need to execute our plan before Oct. Lol.

Which plan is better? Why? Any better/more efficient options?
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