Any advice on what certification to take next?

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Hi guys! hope you can give some good advice on what certification to take next. I am currently a Web applications security tester for a financial institutionmostly handling web app security testing including api's and software evaluation and knocked a few badges on Pentesterlab. I finished eJPT from elearnsecurity and CCNA Cisco Cyberops and has some background in server hardening and mbss. I am mainly gunning for a pentester role but SANS courses are a bit too pricey. Sooo.... what do I take next ? do i go for OSCP or do i take eCPPT first to prepare?


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    Depends on your attitude. Do you like figuring stuff all on your own? If yes OSCP, if you need some handholding eCPPT first, then OSCP.
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    thanks! I was thinking about taking eCPPT too but they are of the same price now. So I was thinking if purchasing more lab time rather than getting the 2 of them :)
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