Linux Based Virtualization (HPE ProLiant Gen9 Server) Using Docker + LXC

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Hi everyone

I have a HPE ProLiant Gen9 Server (wich would be the core piece of my Information System) and want to run multiple applications on it like: ECM, VoIP, Owncloud, pfsense, Zentyal and maybe others for an organization of like 100 to 1000 users.

I have choosed to use Canonical Ubuntu for Core OS (supported for Linux by HPE) as I don't want no Microsoft Software. So I I'm planning to install Docker on that Ubuntu Server core OS to run my several apps as LXCs via Docker.

Then I have multiple questions:

1- Is it necessary for me to include proxmox in the stack? If yes what would be the role (importance) of proxmox ?
2- I want to use pfsense as firewall/router and Zentyal for other services such as domain controller and so on. Is it possible to use those two in the same environment without conflicts?
3- Installing pfsense and/or Zentyal phisically on the Ubuntu Server core OS or installing them in LXCs (via Docker)? What would be better? Or Should I install Zentyal physically on the core OS and pfsense in LXC or vice-versa? What would be better?

Thanks in advances for your precious answers icon_thumright.gif
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