ISDN on 2500's

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I need to do ISDN on my 2500 routers, the question is what type of connections do I need to do this. Can I simply use a straight/crossover cable from one router BRI to another? I currently have a 2521 Router with a ISDN BRI Interface, I also have a 2525 which is a modular router with no modules. What type of equipment do I need to perform an ISDN lab between these two routes if possible?


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    My guess is your gonna need to go on ebay and find an isdn card with a bri/u interface for your 2525.

    When I set up my isdn lab I used a 1600 and 2521 router for the endpoints. I dont think you can just connect them point-to-point for a connection, im not sure though! I bought my self a cheap isdn simulator off ebay, connected the routers into the simulator and configured my dialer profiles and so on.

    There's my 2 cents!
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    Thanks for the reply. I'll look into getting an ISDN simulator.
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