Is CertMaster for IT Fundamentals totally different material to book?

techbitstechbits Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
I know there are threads already about whether the CertMaster is helpful/relevant in preparing for CompTIA exams. I'm asking a different question here.

Those that have bought CertMaster and any study guide text book - are the questions in CertMaster the same/covered in the text book?

I bought the IT Fundamentals study guide by Quentin Docter (Sybex) for the FC0-U51 exam, and the material is completely different to what I have covered so far in CertMaster. About 50 per cent of the stuff in CertMaster is not in the book. Figured CertMaster would compliment the text but there's heaps of stuff that is totally new.

Anyone out there have the same issue? Anyone bought CertMaster and found the material totally different to the text book? The topics are the same but now it seems like I may have to study longer than for the exam than I thought.
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