How reliable is CompTIA A+ Certmaster

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Hi, I'm due to take the 901 A+ test within the couple of weeks, and I've used a variety on resources, one of which is Certmaster, however I've noticed the questions on there, don't necessarily match up to the objectives, as in, items not detailed on the objectives are present within the Certmaster questions.

This is of course concerning, as the other resources I have used will of course have based their materials on the published objectives.

As an example, I've just gone through the network cables and connectors and the objectives list a few, however Certmaster covers many connectors not referred to on the objectives. Another is, RIMM is covered in the memory section of Certmaster, but not listed on the objectives.

There are many more instances, those were just a couple I remembered off the top of my head.

I'm beginning to wonder if I could be in for a nasty surprise when I arrive at the test centre, but it looks like either the objectives are not correct, or Certmaster is covering items we don't need to know. A concern either way.

Has anyone taken the exam having used Certmaster, and able to shed any light on this?
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