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Starting fall, I will be starting my core classes in pursuit of an MIS degree at Florida State University (I am a good student, I have a 3.78 GPA). I have always been a nerdy person, playing a lot of video games BUT not knowing much anything about computers and tech. Sadly, I know neither the hardware nor the software of computers, and also do not how to code. The reason I chose MIS was because a friend of mines dad has an MIS degree and he recommended me go down the route. He says that it is a very broad degree, giving you knowledge on both business and IT. He also said that I should pick up a tech minor and after graduation, pursue a masters in data analytics because it has such a high job demand.

So my questions are, is this a good route for me to go down? Before this idea of MIS and data analytics, I had absolutely no clue what kind of degree or job I wanted to pursue and this sounds like a good idea to me (but as you know I am uneducated on the subject). If it is a good route to go, what minor or minors should I pick up? Is a masters in data analytics a good idea? should I worry about getting certifications like A+ and network+? I probably have many more questions but this is all the comes to mind at the moment.

I am just young with aspirations to be successful and want to choose a route and stick to it already. I would appreciate any advice anyone educated on the subject could give me.

Thanks a lot,
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