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Hello everyone, I am a 19 year old doing BTEC IT Extended Diploma in college and I am also working in a IT institute. I will do my first ever certificate in august which is Comptia A+. I need some help with my plan because I really don't know if it is going to work or not. I am not going to a University because cant afford the 30k debt so I will be doing the certificates. I am doing internship there so doing little things like Photoshop or most of the time just studying for my A+ like is not really a professional job but I want to do it. I plan on staying with this company because I know guy very well and doesn't charge me for courses.icon_cool.gif So I will stay until I get most certificates from him.

Is it possible and does it make any sense that I do my A+, Net+, Sec+, CEH, CCNA and CCNP for R&S and Security all one by one so maybe getting few experiences here and there and then right after my CCNP I will apply for a bigger role job. Will that workout good or should I just apply for a small job and make my way up by doing certificates one by one. Another option is that I get all the certificates that I mention by 23-24 years of age and then work in a medium range CCNA job for about 2-3 years and then apply for a bigger role.

Please help me as I am new here and advice me on this like if I am doing good or being stupid. Thanks :)


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    Hello and welcome to TE.

    I can't really offer any advice since I'm not generally familiar with job culture in the UK. But your plan seems plausible and reasonable for the US market. And given that getting job experience is generally considered valuable, especially since your current employer is willing to help with the certifications.

    Good luck!
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    I wouldn't suggest doing all those certs and having basically 0 real world experience and trying to jump into the job market. The downtime at your current job is great because it will allow you to study but you're not factoring in the experience and skills you will earn at a more challenging professional job.

    I suggest you earn some entry certs (A+, Net+, maybe Sec+) and begin applying for more relevant jobs which align with your career path. After you get your first job take some time off from certs and soak in everything from the professional environment and on the job duties. Once you get your feet up under you you'll probably have a better idea of what technologies interest you and you can challenge/expand your knowledge with additional certs (CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, Cloud, SSCP, CEH, etc.).

    Employers look for employees who have the experience and skills to perform the job duties and contribute to the company. Typically those qualiteis are gained from previous work experience, outside learning (certs, professional dev), and life experiences.

    Best of luck!
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    Hello there. I reckon you should just get the A+, N+ and Sec+. Some employers here in the UK know about them and you'll see a few jobs here and there asking for such certs. Point being CompTia isn't as well reconginised in the UK. CCNA and the MSCA have good recognition on the other hand. It's worth getting the comptia trio just for that foundational knowledge.
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    I go A+, N+ and Sec+ or even just one of them to get your foot in the door for your first IT job, get 2 to 3 years experience then look at doing CCNA or MCSA and progress from there.

    The fact you live in London you have so many opportunities open to you unlike here in the Midlands.
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