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I'm trying to snag up a quick A+ cert to round out my IT knowledge, since I have no real work experience in the field and almost every entry level job (which I need to get some basic experience to eventually go on to specializing in networking and probably security) seems to require this.

I didn't want to pay for any book since I hear it's a pretty easy cert, so I've just been looking at the free video course on Cybrary in my spare time over the last month. Only thing is, I realize it's probably a few years old by now (maybe made in '13 or '14 by the sound of it). So the test has changed since.

The official exam curriculum mentions quite a few things that were not on that course as I took it


How much emphasis is there on, say, the mobile phones aspect of it? Since there was basically nothing on that in the videos I saw. And I noticed a lot jobs that are helpdesk now include mandatory familiarity with mobile phone servicing and troubleshooting. I'm decent with an Iphone but I haven't really played around with other brands.

There's also other techs like Thunderbolt, Cat 7 cables, 802.11ac, riser cards, eMMC, more on virtualization, and some other things that were added since that weren't covered. As well as speeds for new DDRs and corresponding PC module. It shouldn't be too hard for me to independently find some free resources on these, but I'm just wondering how much emphasis I should put on them versus the bulk of the material from the vids.
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