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Working my way through the ejpt cert. Its getting me involved with lots of new tools etc.

Just out of interest how is elearnsecurity viewed by the outside world, probably more referring to the higher end certs and thoughts among pentesters?

Just curious on this one?



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    I don't think most employers know what it is yet, but the actual instruction is good. I've seen more people suggesting it lately but just really from the technical crowd, not so much management or HR. I hope they build more traction in the industry as there isn't enough reasonably priced competition to SANS security training for many companies.
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    eLearnSecurity can be found at major conferences and events, RSA, Blackhat, Defcon, etc. They are making their presence known. Employeers are still catching up. The content is very well done! I would recommend!
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    From everything I have heard about elearnsecurity, the knowledge and training alone makes it worthwhile, even if the certifications are not yet prevalent on job postings.
    While I do occasionally type in a cert at job boards out of curiosity, that is not my sole criteria in choosing which certifications to pursue. For me, there can also be something to be gained from studying and preparing for the cert just as there is for obtaining it. In the case of elearnsecurity, the training strikes me as being just as valuable, if not more so, as the certification.
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    I just got my material email for the eJPT certification and am anxious to get started with it. I've also got the CyberSec First Responder Beta Exam this next week and as my company is performing a summer shutdown for a week, it looks like my schedule will be tied up. I'll keep everyone posted on the journey through the eJPT.
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