Passed GPEN

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Passed GPEN today. Not easy but not too bad either. I'd say it was a bit tougher than GCIH but not as hard as GREM or GCIA. In my opinion, I'd probably rate my current SANS certifications on like this in order of least difficult to most difficult:


But my experience is primarily in digital forensics so GCIA was very difficult for me as it is outside of my wheelhouse.

I took the class OnDemand. Ed Skoudis was a great teacher. The only complaint I had was I had VPN connection problems with my Macbook running High Sierra. The SANS IT Support team couldn't get it to work but yet it worked fine on my PC.

I had to speed up the test process because I'm going to SANSFIRE next week and didn't want to be doing 2 SANS courses at once. started the OnDemand course in June and took the test today. I went through the presentation via OnDemand, did the labs, indexed the book and took the first practice test 2 weeks ago. Scored a 70. Added to the index, studied some more and scored a 76 the second time. Went through the OnDemand again, reviewed the tools, and scored a 83 on the test. Had about a 32 page index and also a tool list with commands.
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