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Hello everyone, I wanted to share my experience and thoughts regarding CASP (CAS-002) examination. First, the material reading books that I utilized are CASP CAS-002 Cert guide and the Sybex one. I mainly focused on the cert guide because of its quality content (read it twice) compare to the the sybex (read it once). Although, I still recommend to read the Sybex edition so you can have different perspective views from different authors.

I also watched Kelly Handerhan CASP video on Cybrary, Skillport and the FEDvte. Out of those three I highly recommend watching Kelly Handerhan mainly because she explained every topics according to her real life experience and how can it relate to the exams objectives, also if you can download the mp3 version please do so; it can be very handy if you got stuck in traffic. The Skillport and FEDvte are decent and can be good supplemental knowledge along with the practice test that they provided to you.


Feb - April 2017 Cert guide/ Sybex. Cybrary, Skillport and the FEDvte.
June 18 2018 - July 12 2018 Practice test from Cert guide and acronym. CASP study notes from ExamForce.
July 13 Exam day

Yes, you read it right, I have a one year gap studying for CASP because a lot of stuff happen during that time. Anyway, when I took the test I have 77 total questions which 10 of those are PBQs. PBQs are compose of 50K and 75K placement of devices, grab and match and two ACL questions. Make sure that you have good understanding of XACML, SML, DLP and other more, also be very familiar with CIA because it will come handy. Know the difference between state sponsor hacking, hacktivisim, corporate espionage and cyber criminal hackings.

During the 75K placement of device PBQ, I noticed that two of the device that I try to place in the vacant spot does not stay in, I noticed it because when I came back to the 75K question those two device are missing! I double check on much it cost and the total cost will be exactly 75K with those two devices. I decided to redo the 75K after the multiple choice questions. I finished all the 9 PBQs within the first 20 minutes of the test. After finishing all the multiple choice question I went back to 75K PBQs, this time I asked assistance from the proctor and unfortunately the proctor could not do anything about it therefore I just decided to finished the exam without those two devices.

The hardest part of the test are the choosing two or more answers and selecting the best answer. The wording are tricky and does not make sense at FIRST but reread each question slowly and think how can it relate to the Casp objectives. Please be familiarize with the terms and acronym that are used for the test ie. RFP, RFQ, MTBF, MITM. Comptia really like to throw acronym in every question. Overall, I passed the test with 45 minutes left on the clock. I thought I did not make it because there are numerous question that I am not quite sure what the answer is. Hopefully, some of you will get something out from my experience and thanks for all the tips that I got from different threads. Have a good day!


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