GWGK updates?

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After months of hammering away at the Afghanistan network, I am ready to get back on track with the CCVP. Things are so slow here that I have plenty of time to read and practice.

Believe it or not, there are vue testing centers on Bagram AB.

I also got a new lab; government sponsored which makes my lab at home look pretty weak. I have 2x 3845s, 2x 3745s, 10x 3640s, 4x 2651XMs, 4 CallManagers, 2x 3750 POE, 2x 3550 EMI, 1x Avaya G3CSI 10 T1 PBX with VOIP, 2 redcom IGXs, 4 7970s, 4 7960s, 3 7914s, and other stuff.

Also, I have the experience of engineering, re-engineering, and re-re-engineering the tactical voice and data network for OEF 2006.

Is there anything new for the GWGK test or will my material from November be good enough. I have been reading the H323, SIP, MGCP configuration guides. I also have the GWGK global knowledge book.


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    tunerX wrote:
    Is there anything new for the GWGK test or will my material from November be good enough.

    The blueprint hasn't changed from December... so I'm guessing you should be good to go (or as good as your material was in November). :D
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    GWGK -- I passed this puppy! :D

    I guess this test matched the blueprint -- with a lot of stuff leftover (if they wanted to turn this into 4 or 5 more exams). icon_eek.gif

    I have no idea where the information for this exam came from. I guess it was all over the place in the CCVP suggested books, and in those docs on the Cisco Web Site. Yeah, a lot from those online docs.... (doc names in the CCVP Books thread).

    It will be interesting to see if that Gateway/Gatekeeper Cisco Press Book that comes out on August 19th covers the exam, or the entire exam blueprint.

    Oh well -- this is almost a month of CCIE Lab study time I'll never get back. I've got Troubleshooting scheduled for next week (for the CCVP).... and I may take a shot at the Design exam for that IP Telephony Design CQS.
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