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Hi all, first post, so hello to everyone and apologies in advance :)

So as the post title says, I am heading in the direction of going for A+ certification. This is not something my employer has mandated I do, but something that I am choosing to do to kickstart my career and learning. My background is generally IT based. Out of school I worked for HP doing PC break fix, structured cabling and datacenter maintenance. I was made redundant from there and if I am being truthful, it knocked me harder than I cared to admit. I eventually picked myself up got a HNC in computer networking and started working as a support analyst for an EPOS company. From there I was lucky enough to be trusted with running large scale project work that involved managing large scale deployments of software updates for the companies customers. It was a good role, but I got stupidly comfy in it and I let my skills fall by the wayside. In real terms, I think I am a good couple of years behind where I want to be, and in effect, I feel like I am standing still, old and rusty. And I am only 36 icon_lol.gif

So looking for general advice and tips around going for A+

- What are the best learning resources to buy? (Straight from CompTIA or from 3rd party)
- How much study time did you need to invest to get near the exams?
- Where has getting A+ taken you and your career since passing?

So yeah, looking for stories, advice tips and tricks.

Thanks all :)


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    Welcome aboard, lots of brilliant people here to draw inspiration from!

    My first job was with Digital-->Compaq-->then HP as well, dating myself a bit icon_wink.gif

    I'm sure someone will chime in with the A+ related questions.
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