Studying/Indexing for GSEC (2018) with last years books (2017)

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I attended Sec Essentials 401 Boot camp in February 2017 but didn't schedule the test. Not sure how much of the material in the books has changed in the past year. Does any know if the material in the new books is all that different? Is there anything in this years material that is new? Thinking of cramming the books I have form last year and attempting a practice test.


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    There really no way to answer this without comparing the book versions. I would assume that books wouldn't change that much between versions so close together, but a $150 practice test will tell you where you stand.
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    The best way to check is to go to the SEC401 page and compare the course outline to the books table of contents.
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    I doubt the material changed enough to really mess with your score. I would take a practice exam and see if you can score in the 80s...if you can, take the exam.
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