Comptia Cert-master worth it?

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I just got a job that requires Security +. I have A+ and Network+ already. Is it worth getting the CompTIA bundle for $519? I have 90 days to get this exam in the bag. I am picking up Darrel Gibson’s book tomorrow. I heard this exam is beast and not very good with memorization. I am going to have to eat, sleep, this material for at least a month before making the attempt so the 401 exam is out. I am going for the 501 with full force.

Thanks in advance.


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    si20si20 Member Posts: 543 ■■■■■□□□□□
    It's hard to say. I think you're more likely to pass if you get certmaster and study the hell out of it. But...personally, I think it's very overpriced for what it is. If your company is paying, then sure, do it. If you're paying yourself...i'd consider looking online for free study questions (however, be very careful to avoid ****). I was studying my Linux+ and found questions in the real exam that had been in my practice Q's online - i'm totally against **** but I can't help but feel some of the online material was dumped? I'd be leaning towards going for certmaster in your position.
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    phariuspharius Member Posts: 71 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I think with Gibson's book and Professor Messer's online videos you would be fine. In a time crunch I would probably concentrate on Messer's videos and use the book as a supplement.
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    I study best with question banks and used the Certmaster/Retake bundle. That plus the Prof Messer notes and I was in good shape.
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    Did the Plurasight courses work for any of you?
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