User cannot connect to SysAid

Snow.brosSnow.bros Member Posts: 832 ■■■■□□□□□□
One of my users cannot connect to our SysAid server using our LAN IP.

Every other users on the same network including me can connect to the server, I have tried changing her web browser, cleared the cache on all browsers, cleared the cookies, reset/changed her IP address both manually and dynamically.

I can ping the server.
I can telnet onto the server using http and https.
I can also RDP onto the server.

The user can connect sometimes for a short period of times and then sometimes she cannot. She can connect when she is on the VPN outside of the network.

I have tried almost everything including all that's listed above. Please share if you have a similar experience, suggestion and if you have any ideas on what could be causing this.


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