Setting certification goals for 2018

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I am in the process of setting goals to achieve for 2018, below is a personal brief followed by some questions that might assist in making the decision,

I recently became responsible of Information Security in my organization, coming from a more technical background as a Network Engineer, but always been focused on the security aspect.

Latest certificate acquired was CISSP, late 2017.
Other certificates are: CEH, CCNP R&S, CCNA Security, CCNA Collaboration, ITIL
Experience: 7 Years, 4 of which in network and information security

I am currently preparing for CCSP and expect to have it by September. However I am a little bit hesitant on what to target next, the thing is I am considering CISM, however, I would like to break the routine and take something that is more technical. I don't want to go to the technical level of OSCP (though I'd love to) due to my current career path. The other thing I am considering is something related to forensics, but that goes into the technical details more than legal aspects and evidence handling, documentation, chain of custody, ... etc.

So long story short,
  • What would provide a more added value at this stage of my career, a CISM while I am already a CISSP or something a little bit more technical as I am, an Infosec Analyst and manager at the same time.
  • Of the currently Forensics certifications, what one would have a focus on hands of handling of compromise, IR, ... etc.


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